Ynana Rose, “Ynana Rose”

imageNow and then, a debut album comes along that totally grabs my attention. Ynana Rose, a blossoming singer/songwriter is a name I won’t forget. Her new album, Ynana Rose, defines the word, “eclectic,” with offerings in the country, blues, and bluegrass genres combined with an Eastern European flavor.

Ynana brings the full weight of her exceptional talent to bear on each track. She steps “outside of herself” toward listeners, as she sings to us from within her very soul. All the songs are her compositions, except two, one a Dolly Parton cover, “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind.”

Ynana opens with a snappy bluegrass/folk piece “Do You Dream of Me.” The mandolin and banjo ignite this number as she moves into the second track, “Golden,” an acoustic guitar ballad where her lyrics are beautiful.

As her album continues, Ynana takes us into a waltz with “Don’t Even Think of Me.” Waltz melodies always get me. But Ynana surprises us in the next track, a delta blues/bluegrass piece, “Bettin on Love Again,” moving from a sweet three quarter time to an up-tempo Dobro number.

In “The Love You Sow,” listeners get a taste of an East European Folk genre, followed by her last track, “Guardian Angel.” The word that comes to mind with “Guardian Angel” is sublime. I can’t help but hear a bit of Dylan in this piece.

There are many parts to Ynana Rose. If listeners love Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, or Joni Mitchell, her debut album will charm them. In giving us a taste of everything, Ynana shows us the depth of creativity she has to share. I’m JR Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Ynana, as she has given us, a Rose.

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