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Album Review: Richard X. Heyman’s “X”


When writing about Richard X. Heyman, it is very hard to know where to begin.  He has gone from forming a New Jersey garage band, The Doughboys, in the 60’s, to covering songs from The Stones, Kinks, and Yardbirds, to recording many nicely done albums, and even come full circle in 2000 reorganizing The Doughboys. Being influenced by such greats as The Beatles, The Byrds, and Richard Rogers, Richard’s career spans over five decades of astounding music. As one listens to some of his earlier tracks such as “Vacation” (1980), to “Falling Away” (1991) and “Cornerstone” (1998), one can notice a common denominator; Richard’s earlier work appears to be timeless pieces waiting to be heard by the next generation.

Which brings us to Richard’s newest album recently release, titled X.  Continue reading Album Review: Richard X. Heyman’s “X”

Album Review – Sam Phillips’ “Push Any Button”


Watching Sam Phillips mature and develop over the years is like watching a tween growing up into something very special. From her early years in Christian Rock, to working with her then husband, T Bone Burnett, then being nominated for two Grammy Awards, to pursuing her own style of music in her own folk genre. Some watching and working with her might feel that she is truly driven to prove something to others or herself. Continue reading Album Review – Sam Phillips’ “Push Any Button”

Carrie Zaruba “Woman on a Mission”

Back a few years ago, a Baltimore native just finished school at Philadelphia’s finest, The University of the Arts.  From there she decided to move to Nashville with a desire to play country music with the big boys and girls. She had her parents’ blessing and was well educated in various genres, such as jazz and classical music. She also teamed up with one of the best producers in Nashville, Kent Wells. She was spotlighted in CMA’s “Debut Artist Spotlight.” She is what she is, a woman on a mission. Her new song that was just released is appropriately called, “Woman On A Mission.” No doubt, this very good singer, Carrie Zaruba, is on her way to the top. Continue reading Carrie Zaruba “Woman on a Mission”

Single Review – Parmalee’s “Carolina”


How do you top a #1 hit single on SirusXM for 4 consecutive weeks?  It’s easy.  Just release a very well written sentimental piece called “Carolina”.  That is exactly what this new country rock band did back in February of 2013. They are called Parmalee, and I promise you, this is a band you are going to hear a lot about in the coming months.   Continue reading Single Review – Parmalee’s “Carolina”

Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”


A few weeks ago, a new single was released for country music fans named “Milkman’s Eyes.” Written and performed by newcomer Bobby Cyrus, this crazy simple song does nothing but cook, especially the lyrics.

This guy really knows how to write. I love the the line, “someone else’s wood mixed in our wood pile and you like to stoke the fire after I leave.”  As I listen to it, I cant help but think about Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.” The two songs are definitely in the same genre, whatever that may be. Continue reading Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”

Album Review – Emmy Rossum’s Sentimental Journey


If you have seen the show, Shameless, there is a very talented lady by the name of Emmy Rossum who stars in it.  And, if you follow her closely, you know she gave an awesome performance in the movie, The Phantom of the Opera. But last week she released another album entitled Sentimental Journey.  If you like the old classics, this music is for you. The music dates back to the 1920s to the middle 60s and was produced by Stuart Brawley with live musicians playing in the studio with her.  Continue reading Album Review – Emmy Rossum’s Sentimental Journey