Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”


A few weeks ago, a new single was released for country music fans named “Milkman’s Eyes.” Written and performed by newcomer Bobby Cyrus, this crazy simple song does nothing but cook, especially the lyrics.

This guy really knows how to write. I love the the line, “someone else’s wood mixed in our wood pile and you like to stoke the fire after I leave.”  As I listen to it, I cant help but think about Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.” The two songs are definitely in the same genre, whatever that may be.

The story is about the milkman delivering the milk. For the younger crowd who have no idea what this song is about, in the old days milkmen used to deliver milk to your door step. Usually the woman of the house was home while the man was away at work. A lonely, possibly unhappy woman at home, a handsome man at your door… you do the math.

I love this tune. It’s swift, fast, and terribly funny and was very well produced by Don Rigsby (Don also plays the mandolin). Many of you may know Don from his roots in Bluegrass. There are others on the track as well, such as Carl Jackson, also of the Bluegrass genre, on banjo and Aaron Till on fiddle. I cant leave out Mr. Tom T. Hall who had a hand in this as well. Tom appears to be Bobby’s mentor and “go-to guy.”

Bobby’s roots shine in the end of the piece. Bobby finishes the piece with a gospel sound ending in a bass reminiscent of J.D. Sumner or Brock Spear.

If you love country music, you will love “Milkman’s Eyes”

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