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R.J. Thompson, “Echo Chamber”


It wasn’t long ago we were watching movies like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller. It wasn’t long ago the U.S. had a second British music invasion. It wasn’t long ago “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Certainly, it was the music video that separated the 80’s from other decades. Occasionally I still watch Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” a favorite. Continue reading R.J. Thompson, “Echo Chamber”

The Vagaband, “Medicine For The Soul”

imageIt’s always a pleasure covering English bands. It must be childhood memories of the Beatles. Recently, I stumbled on a cool eight-piece band from Norfolk, UK called The Vagaband. Releasing their newest LP, Medicine for the Soul, this British band of jazz, blues, rock and country genres caught my attention quickly. From a pedal steel guitar to flugelhorn and flute arrangements, these seasoned players are heading upward. Continue reading The Vagaband, “Medicine For The Soul”

Album Review – Emmy Rossum’s Sentimental Journey


If you have seen the show, Shameless, there is a very talented lady by the name of Emmy Rossum who stars in it.  And, if you follow her closely, you know she gave an awesome performance in the movie, The Phantom of the Opera. But last week she released another album entitled Sentimental Journey.  If you like the old classics, this music is for you. The music dates back to the 1920s to the middle 60s and was produced by Stuart Brawley with live musicians playing in the studio with her.  Continue reading Album Review – Emmy Rossum’s Sentimental Journey