Keels, “Surrender”

Occasionally, I’m dumbfounded when listening to lyrical melodies. In the midst of creative and artistic thinking, there is more to a song than repeating the same stanza. Recently, I heard a song with validity. The piece clearly showed depth and attention to poetic lyrics. The writer is Niall Keels. With a strong following in the UK and Ireland, his video and new release, “Surrender,” is making an impact.

“Surrender” is a song with a message. Keels captures the past to explicate the present. He produces substance that is genuine, lifelike, and melancholy.  If you can’t relate to his song, you will someday.

But “Surrender” has more. There is an expression “people hear what they see.” For a test, I muted the video. Keels’ “Surrender” reaffirms, “people hear what they see.”

Keels’ principal video character is brilliant as he relates the senses to time, places, and events. He’s noticing a young couple, smelling a scarf, and staring at the empty side of the bed. His persona is still young in his heart as he grieves. He’s wishing he had said more, wishing he loved more, but wishing he hadn’t said a thing as he lays fresh flowers on her grave.

“Surrender” is a beautiful song with excellent  harmonies, and an engaging video. The song stands on its own while the video is selfsame. It is imaginative and adroit, without losing its authenticity. It will be interesting to see where Keels’ future tracks take its listeners. I’m J.R. Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Keels’ “Surrender.”



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  1. Surrender is a beautiful song with great lyrics. It is definitely a piece of music that deserves wider accolades.

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