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Marlena Rocks, “Traces”


In 1969, the Classics IV released the single, “Traces.” It made it to #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and it was BMI’s top 100 songs of the century at #32.

“Traces” has had many lives over the years being covered by many artists. With the exception to “Colour My World,” “Traces” probably has been played at more oldies parties, dances, and high school proms than most.

“Traces” is a piece that many can relate to. It has the earmarks of past relationships, fitting and unfitting. Running the clock up to summer 2017, west coast jazz/blues artist, Marlena, has brought “Traces” back to life.

A beautiful artist covering a beautiful song, Marlena takes this vintage piece to a new level. Her voice compliments “Traces”. I love the how the sax introduces and concludes this piece. As the sax’s ending drifts away in silence, it reminds me of one’s past.

Having many lives throughout the years, “Traces” once again has an audience. Marlena does something special to “Traces” in that she approaches the song with passion in her voice.  While listening to Marlena’s “Traces,” you get a “feel good” emotion although the song is sentimentally sad. I’m J.R. Joseph Miller, and this is Marlena romancing “Traces.”


Amanda Thorpe   “Bewitching Me”

image When you hear music such as “Brother Can You Spare a Dime,” “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” or “I Like the Likes of You,” what is the common denominator? The answer is Edgar “Yip” Harburg. One of the best singer/lyricists of the 20th century, Yip lived an unbelievable journey where he helped write the best in American music. Remember The Wizard of Oz?  Yip wrote the song lyrics.

Continue reading Amanda Thorpe   “Bewitching Me”

Album Review: EG Kight’s, “A New Day”


Buddy Guy once said, “If you don’t think you got the blues, just keep living”. For one lady, she had the blues while she battled a major illness. For EG Kight, she will “just keep living”. After recovering from a major illness and getting another turn, she is back singing the blues. Continue reading Album Review: EG Kight’s, “A New Day”

Album Review: Ruthann Friedman’s, Chinatown

To say that Ruthann Friedman has lived a full life would be an understatement. She was born exactly 30 days after D-Day in WWII. She spent a great deal of time in her childhood singing, hoping, and wishing for fame and fortune. At the age of sixteen, she began performing at West Hollywood’s Troubadour on Hoot Nights, a place and time for new singers/songwriters to get some exposure. In the early years she associated with some of the biggest names in music. She did some work with Country Joe & The Fish, lived with members of Jefferson Airplane, and hung out with Janis Joplin enjoying the pleasures of Southern Comfort. Ruthann’s life began changing after being introduced to a group of guys called The Association. It was in 1967 that her life took a dramatic turn. While living in the house of David Crosby, she wrote a song called “Windy”. This nearly three minute long song not only changed her life, but also continued to shape it for years to come. Continue reading Album Review: Ruthann Friedman’s, Chinatown

Album Review: David Olney’s When The Deal Goes Down


After covering various reviews, where do you start when writing about a seasoned singer/songwriter who has had his music covered by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, made an appearance on Austin City Limits, and even wrote a love song about the iceberg crashing into the Titanic “from the icebergs point of view”? Yes, he really wrote that. Regardless, it’s simple. You wait until David Olney “deals you the ace of spades” with his newest album, When The Deal Goes Down. Continue reading Album Review: David Olney’s When The Deal Goes Down

Album Review: Tommy Wallach’s I Meant It To Be Sweet

New York is a mecca for the entertainment industry. It has any and everything one could ask for, from superb plays to awesome music. Out of the rubble of this entertainment world has emerged a fine music artist, storyteller, and even a writer of his first novel. His name is Tommy Wallach and he has an excellent album out that will turn some heads in the right direction. It is his second album, titled I Meant It To Be Sweet. Continue reading Album Review: Tommy Wallach’s I Meant It To Be Sweet

Album Review: Edward Rogers’s “Kaye”

Dylan once said that he was on a quest or “odyssey,” finding his way back home. Interesting that a singer/songwriter from England living in New York by the name of Edward Rogers would dedicate his fifth solo album to a remarkable artist. Rogers did more than just dedicate the album, he helped a fellow artist find his way home putting closure on his life by producing an album, a tribute to the remarkable Kevin Ayers with the album, Kaye. Continue reading Album Review: Edward Rogers’s “Kaye”