The Devious Angels “The Devious Angels”

Country music is a massive business. There are stories out there that say that Nashville has the finest studios in the world. Regardless, with the economy getting better and better, there is no doubt that country music producers across the US are producing a wide range of country music for all ages.

But in the days of over produced music, two producers, Chad Jeffers and RJ Stillwell came across two artists that actually sound like “country music artists.” They are Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious, or as they are better known, The Devious Angels.

This is an act that stands on their own two feet, or in their case, four feet. Steeves and Decious have put together a sound that is very smooth, soft and very country.  Once again, this style of music is a sound that many miss from the old days of country music.

Starting with their debut album simply entitled “The Devious Angels”, they put together seven very nice tunes produced by Stillwell and Jeffers.  Chad Jeffers has worked with some of the best including Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and Kenny Loggins. It is obvious these two producers came up with a very unique sound that has its origins from the past. It just took “The Devious Angels” to put together and refine the sound that many love and miss in country music.

Recently, Devious Angels released an unplugged version of a single called “Silverado.” The piece is not on their first album, and that is a bad thing.  It really should be the featured single.  Listening to “Silverado,” you can feel the connection these two artists have. Their voices have the sound of two distinct voices, but as you listen to the track the harmonies blend so well, they truly sound as one. In many ways I’m hoping as they go back into the studio there will be very little changed in the production.  The song stands on its own as is, and there is no need to mess with perfection, even unplugged.

Also, as you listen to “Silverado”, the lyrics are so simple but very clear and real.  One verse reads, “We don’t get out much anymore, it’s time we made time for us.” That’s good therapy.

Finally, in saying one last thing, even if “Silverado” does not make it to the charts, which it should, it should make for a great truck commercial.

Make sure to click above to listen to the single! Check out their website and their Facebook. They can also be reached at Twitter!

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