Single Review – Rachel Farley’s “Ain’t Easy”


Nowadays, it seems like if you’ve heard one artist, you’ve heard them all. Many artists all seem to sound alike. Rachel Farley is a different story.

Rachel is a young lady from Lawrenceville, Georgia who will totally blow your mind. As you listen to her new single on Red Bow Records, “Ain’t Easy”, it’s hard to believe she is just a 17 year old kid.

This kid can sing. She also is an impressive writer, too. Listening to the produced version of the track, It’s pretty awesome. I especially love the organ. The song really lets her shine as a performer. Its almost like the she didn’t choose the song, the song chose her. It’s reminiscent of some stuff in the 70s. I was also able to find an “unplugged” version of the track with only her and a guitar which was also phenomenal.

As you listen to Rachel you can hear sounds reminiscent of Joan Jett, one of her heros. A litte bit of Tanya Tucker can be heard as well, but with more drive, energy, and a pinch of classic rock.

There is no doubt about it, Rachel is going to go far in this business. Her song writing alone will get her there. “I’ll fight like hell, love like an angel, pray like a saint, and run like a rebel” is pretty adult stuff coming from a teenager. I read where her father passed away almost two years ago Obviously, the saying is true; “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

If you like country music with a little classic rock, you will love Rachel. She’s bold and strong with lots of energy and drive. Check out Rachel performing “Ain’t Easy”.


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