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Album Review: Daunielle Hill’s, “Daunielle”


It’s not often one comes across a singer/songwriter who has the voice of a veteran, songwriting that can be compared to many, and an air of confidence, as she sends many “letters” to her new found fans. This is what this “lady sings the blues,” artist has in her debut album titled Daunielle. Continue reading Album Review: Daunielle Hill’s, “Daunielle”

Album Review: Black Sabbath’s “13”


Sunday, January 27th was as normal a day as any, but as most who have had anything to do with music knew, it was Grammy Award night. While watching the show, it was noted that Black Sabbath had been nominated and won a Grammy for Best Heavy Metal Performance for the song, “God is Dead?” Knowing that Black Sabbath had reorganized with the original members I really did not give it much thought except for, “I guess Black Sabbath is at it again.” Having seen them in concert in the early 70’s, the only thought that came in my head was the memory of the loudest music I had ever heard in my life, and as a young teenager, antics from the audience that I was not quite ready for. The idea of someone biting the head off a bat was not so bad compared to how uncontrollable many were in attendance. It was definitely two shows I will never forget, one being the band’s and the other the audience’s. A footnote to the bat incident, I read the bat had its day in court, biting Ozzy first, forcing him to get rabies shots. “Oh well, that’s show biz.” Continue reading Album Review: Black Sabbath’s “13”

Carrie Zaruba “Woman on a Mission”

Back a few years ago, a Baltimore native just finished school at Philadelphia’s finest, The University of the Arts.  From there she decided to move to Nashville with a desire to play country music with the big boys and girls. She had her parents’ blessing and was well educated in various genres, such as jazz and classical music. She also teamed up with one of the best producers in Nashville, Kent Wells. She was spotlighted in CMA’s “Debut Artist Spotlight.” She is what she is, a woman on a mission. Her new song that was just released is appropriately called, “Woman On A Mission.” No doubt, this very good singer, Carrie Zaruba, is on her way to the top. Continue reading Carrie Zaruba “Woman on a Mission”

Single Review – Brett Eldredge’s “Don’t Ya”


Brett Eldredge commented in a recent interview that he “loves to create something from nothing.” That’s exactly what he did when he wrote “Don’t Ya.” This song is so well written and so well put together, you can tell Eldredge is truly a seasoned writer. “Don’t Ya” is more than a song, its a story and it  gives credit where credit is due. The song centers around a woman who has real power and likes to flaunt it. Continue reading Single Review – Brett Eldredge’s “Don’t Ya”

Single Review – Rachel Farley’s “Ain’t Easy”


Nowadays, it seems like if you’ve heard one artist, you’ve heard them all. Many artists all seem to sound alike. Rachel Farley is a different story.

Rachel is a young lady from Lawrenceville, Georgia who will totally blow your mind. As you listen to her new single on Red Bow Records, “Ain’t Easy”, it’s hard to believe she is just a 17 year old kid. Continue reading Single Review – Rachel Farley’s “Ain’t Easy”