Single Review – Benny Hester’s “Out Of The Wreck”


I have been away from the Christian music business for many years, but after listening to a fairly new piece by Benny Hester called “Out of the Wreck”  I’m ready to climb on board again. This piece is so smooth yet it drives with so much energy and with a very exciting sound.  it is simply awesome.  I especially love the introduction. As it begins,  you are not really sure where the song is about to take you.  Then it takes off like a bullet with so much going on musically. I love the drum beat, at times almost sounding like a heart beat, and a distinct guitar sound in the background that sounds a little like the Nocturnals, backing him up. It is a driving song that  makes you feel like something really awesome is going to happen. The harmonies are very smooth too, with Benny singing with Benny, but not canned or instant, very well done. Finally, I love the way the music builds up to a crescendo then quickly fades out.

But the song also has an important message in it too.  As it goes from one stanza to the next it gives you time to think what is being said.   I love the lyrics saying,  “Broken and worn…….a story I should tell……out of the wreck I rise up where the mercy lies.“ That is a message of hope for anyone.

“Out Of The Wreck” comes from the chapters of a nineteenth century writer by the name of Oswald Chambers.  Many know his writings well.  Chambers wrote that no one wants bad things to happen to them, but when they do, and they will, no one should allow any event to separate them from God. That is the message behind Benny’s piece, which is saying,  stay the course when the road is rough regardless what we face in life. This song is truly one that can inspire anyone not to give up. As I listen to it, I could not help, but think about a good friend who committed suicide a while back.

For anyone who does not know who Benny Hester is, you may want to check out his website,  He has a very impressive resume having over 25 number one hits in Christian music and was even nominated for a Grammy Award that ended up being a cross over hit entitled “Nobody Knows Me Like You.”

Check him out.

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