Single Review – Brett Eldredge’s “Don’t Ya”


Brett Eldredge commented in a recent interview that he “loves to create something from nothing.” That’s exactly what he did when he wrote “Don’t Ya.” This song is so well written and so well put together, you can tell Eldredge is truly a seasoned writer. “Don’t Ya” is more than a song, its a story and it  gives credit where credit is due. The song centers around a woman who has real power and likes to flaunt it.

I love the line, “Everything about ya makes me want ya.” All the guy really knows is her sexy skinny jeans and her alluring smile.  ”Oh the games people play now, every night and every day now.” Clearly, this  is a song that shows the power of the woman.  For men, it shows  what we want but many times cant have.

Eldredge’s performance with “Don’t Ya” is strong as well.  He has such a strong, distinct voice. You can tell he is really in love with his music.  Ronnie Dunn, one of Eldredge’s idols, can be heard in “Don’t Ya” as well.  I can almost hear Eldredge singing the song, ” Let the Cowboy Rock.”  You can tell Brett has done his homework.

“Don’t Ya”, from Atlantic Records, is also very well produced.  I love the guitar in the background echoing a pop rock sound throughout the track.  Simply creative. The ending is very well done, as well.  All we hear is Eldredge’s voice and the beat of the drum. Very nice.

The album will be released some time this summer. If you want to see him before then, Brett is currently on tour with Taylor Swift. Brett wrote 11 of the 12 tracks on the album. On another high note, if you like Brett Eldredge,  check out the newly  released track, “Bring You Back.”   As for me, some woman just now smiled at me and it “got me spinnin’.”

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