Trevor Alguire, “Perish In The Light”



There are songwriters, and then there are songwriters. Trevor Alguire has passed the test. Out of the flower-bed of the Americana scene, Trevor has produced a rose with thorns included in his new release, Perish In The Light. Being an excellent storyteller, Perish In The Light will bring you to a distinct place, reality.

Trevor opens with Americana country piece, “ The Ghost of Him.” A song of loneliness as others stand next to him, Trevor inflicts realities in a state of despair. He leads us into another related piece with “Out of Sight/Out of Mind.” With much hope,  his character convinces himself, if I don’t see you, I won’t miss you, “they say.” Musically, I loved the song’s ending.

“My Sweet Rosetta,” a beautiful duet with Catherine Maclellan, is another piece with much to say as the song urges one to listen to their own heart oppose to listening to others. I particularly love the line, “As the town falls silent/to their conscience they are bound. Free they say they are/though free they never be,” lyrics that speaks volumes from people who hold themselves hostage.

Trevor’s last track, “If I’d Stayed in School,” sings like a psalm of relationships. The track rings of poetic justice.

Perish In The light lights up Americana music with hopes, dreams, and realities.  At times, I can’t help thinking as I listen to the tracks, the metaphors are abundant.   It’s an Americana/country flair with excellent harmonicas and fine-tuned fiddles that fit nicely.   Trevor Alguire has an excellent series of songwriting tracks. I’m J.R. Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Trevor Alguire with Perish In The Light.








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