The Doughboys “Hot Beat Stew”


Birthdays come and go. In 2000, Richie Heyman celebrated another routine birthday. Little did he know that his wife Nancy would conjure up a gift that would last for years.

At the time, thinking about his early years as the drummer for The Doughboys was probably not on his mind. But on Richie’s special day, she brought together Mike Scavone, Mike Caruso, and Willy Kirchofer, a Doughboy reunion concert in honor of Richie. The end of the story is the start, turning the reunion into the revival. Touring again after their breakup in 1968, The Doughboys “found a rose.” Issuing a new album in 2007, with another album and documentary 2010, they’ve now released their newest project, Hot Beat Stew.

For the music lover, The Doughboys are an eclectic band assimilating various acts, creating their own sound. Hot Beat Stew represents nothing more than fine rock ‘n’ roll.

The band opens with “Be My Baby,” a well-produced “foot stompin” eye opener. I love the series of rests that give the piece uncertainty and excitement. In another track, The Doughboys break away from traditional rock moving into a ballad, south of Houston Street, “SoHo Girl.” The recorder makes for a sweet medieval sound. “Biding My Time” is my favorite. This slow dance tune takes the listener back to the 60s.

In the early years, The Doughboys covered many songs from The Stones to The Yardbirds. The last track, “Tears of a Clown” is a throwback to the band’s cover days. I love the steady up-tempo beat giving the piece The Doughboy signature.

From beginning to end, Hot Beat Stew is a musical journey with twists, curves, hills, and valleys. If you love rock ‘n’ roll you will love The Doughboys. If you love classic rock, Hot Beat Stew is for you. This is an album with history but offers timeless rock equally. I’m JR Miller with High Note Reviews, and The Doughboys are cooking up Hot Beat Stew.


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