The Producer’s Chair at Douglas Corner, Nashville


11178329_1068684239811935_1040848963686029949_n 11138665_1044288122267695_7200250714435337624_nIt was so cool at Douglas Corner in Nashville. Paul Worley was in the Producer’s Chair. I could have listen to Paul all night. This is a guy that is so personable. Paul has produced acts, The Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, and Highway 101. In spite of the political rhetoric and death threats, he was very candid about getting The Dixie Chicks back into the Studio. In so many words Paul said, “just sing, don’t talk,” saying their next album should be titled, “Unfinished Business.” Afterwards I got to meet Paul, a nice guy with a cool sense of humor.

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