Sara Niemietz, “Twenty “Twenty

What is musical eminence? Maybe a musician whose emotion and depth pull you into her soul? Next, add a bit of rock/jazz fusion, topped off with a bit of Peggy Lee. There you have it. Ms. Sara Niemietz shows eminence with her album, Twenty Twenty. It is, to say, astounding.

Sara opens with the beautiful cover, “Smile.” But it’s the next track that warrants extra attention. Sara’s second track, “I Smile,” written by “Reigning King of Urban Gospel,” Kirk Franklin, emits light from all angles. Both tracks makes those “Smiles” contagious.

Sara exhibits her talents with emotion, range, and backbeat rhythms. “The Nearness of You” captures an early 60s jazz intro with a taste of the standards. “All Your Love” shows her voice mixing with her musicians. “Feet Don’t Touch the Floor” is authoritative, and shows versatility.

The production to Twenty Twenty is spot on. Sounding as if the album was studio recorded, each track was recorded live. Regarding the recordings, Sara states “It’s my happy place.” With seventeen tracks, Sara is in her “happy place” often. I’m J.R. Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Ms. Sara Niemietz singing perfect Twenty Twenty.

10 thoughts on “Sara Niemietz, “Twenty “Twenty

  1. Thank you for this very nice review of Sara’s album twentytwenty. It is a superb collection of live songs! FYI, the second track is “I Smile.”

    1. Spot on Mr.Miller. Great summary of a very talented artist who continues to grow and perfect anything she does.

  2. You really covered most of the things that make me want to support Sara..she is talented in so many phases of her craft…not to mention her philosophy and her “spirituality”. I know you’ll agree she is an ultra-unique singer, but she’s also filled with the “goodness”.She deserves ALL the kind words.

  3. Granted the competition was abbreviated, twentytwenty is the best live album of the year (imho).

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