Lo Carmen, “Lovers Dreamers Fighters”

Most have heard of the expression, The Apple Don’t Fall Far From The Tree.  In 2013, a certain artist moved that expression to an album title releasing a collaborative work with her dad, Peter Head. Fast-forward to 2017, she has released her sixth album while coming up with a most creative idea, mixing lyrical personifications with melodies. Sarcastically, this approach to music could catch on.  Her name is Lo Carmen, and her new release, Lovers Dreamers Fighters will keep you thinking. It’s just her, a guitar, and a bit of backup. By removing the flash with her unrestrained lyrics, Lo Carmen glows in the dark.

Carmen opens with the album title, “Lovers Dreamers Fighters.” Her piece is a quiet three-quarter time melody with a beautiful mandolin. I love the way the movement builds to a crescendo from beginning to end. One piece, “Sometimes It’s Hard,” features Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, while another track “Last Thing I’ll Remember,” has a touch of Bob Dylan. “Hold Your Lover Close” is a compelling track. The song accentuates her lyrical talent. One line, “Take off their clothes, don’t step on their toes, tell them everything you know” gave me a chuckle. But, Lo is at her best with “Put Another Record On,” fashioning the song from an early pop 60’s beat. It makes me want to “Put Another Record On.”

Lo Carmen’s lyrics brings about many pictures. Lovers Dreamers Fighters is a collage of lyrical embodiments making the listener interpret their own daydreams. I have to believe dad is proud of her new release. But then again, The Apple Don’t Fall Far From the Tree. I’m J.R. Joseph Miller, and this is Lo Carmen singing to Lovers Dreamers Fighters.


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