Elli Perry, Little Thieves

Where there’s a smoking gun, there’s a shot of truth. For Elli Perry, it was the first track of her new release, Little Thieves. This gifted artist singing in a unique French-based creole sound, made the first shot count. “Smoking Gun” fits as a banderole with inscriptions that entices her listeners.  Truly, this idiosyncratic artist can write.

Elli gives proof and evidence in her writing abilities throughout Little Thieves. Each track leaves listeners thinking. I took notice in this line from her second track, “Rosalee.” “Crying everything is lost, and everything is found.” Many can relate as we sometimes have to lose everything to find who we are. “Burn The River Down” is a short but well-written song as it speaks of love, hurt, and vulnerabilities. A well-produced musical piece, “A Train Will Come,” speaks of a “symphony to summon better days.” It is a “harmony of sounds.” The last two tracks, “The End” and “Shiver & Shake” are two of my favorites. Both beautifully written, they leave you with a taste of reality, fitting, but with inadequate lives.  The acoustic guitar in “Shiver & Shakes” is alluring.

Little Thieves pulls at the soul but exploiting human weakness. The music composition matches and equals Elli’s poetic lyrics.  Her music adds a second voice from the heart, but she is careful not to make Little Thieves too personal so others can make their own conclusions. Elli Perry’s Little Thieves shows two hearts, the one that gets broken and the one that carries on with life. I’m J.R. Joseph Miller, and this is Elli Perry playing as Little Thieves.


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