Ruby Boots, “Solitude”

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When covering an artist, I usually sort through the ten to fifteen tracks, selecting three to five numbers as I move into the review. But after listening to the ten tracks of Ruby Boots’ new album, Solitude, it was a difficult task. All of Ruby’s songs are amazing making the track choses arduous. The conclusion is what’s behind Solitude is a very talented singer/songwriter. What amazes me is Ruby Boots has just gotten started as she releases her debut album. You will be hearing more from this lady in the future.

Ruby opens with a sweet catchy tune, “Cola and Wine.” Her lyrics are not easy to interpret. “Jacks’ in the kitchen, he’s singing too loud.” “Judy is half naked, she’s catching their eye,” as her mind and body continues the struggle. It appears “Jack” is Jack Daniels and “Judy” is cocaine. Oh, shades of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” I hope I’m right.

Her third track caught my attention. “Middle of Nowhere,” reminds me of one’s own insecurities, fears, and searching for a higher power. The music in this number is in an awesome key.

Featured in Ruby’s music video is “Wrap Me in a Fever.” This well produced piece has a traditional country flair to it. It’s a cool piece that could easily be a breakout hit for her.

“Solitude,” the title track to her album, seems to be “the best friend I got.” The Red Centre and Alice Springs might come to mind for this Aussie. I have to comment on “Walk Away.” The track has a nice Chet Atkins sound to it.

This lady from Australia, Ruby Boots, knows her way as a musician. She has a deep understanding of people. The melodies in this album are country with a dash of folk. At the same time, Ruby will surprise you with innovative keys and chord progressions. People will relate to her songwriting with her timeless stories as well. Solitude works. I’m JR Miller with High Note Reviews, with Ruby Boots having Solitude.












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