Smith & Wesley, “Choices & Chances”


Recently, I heard a band whose roots are in North Georgia and Chattanooga. Living in Georgia for twenty-eight years, I had to investigate. After further research, I realized the band has a great mix. At times, I listen to a little Alan Jackson, and even some George Jones. Still, other tunes had a Marshall Tucker sound to it. But all in all, I gave audience to a band developing their own style of music with an excellent mix of yesterdays to today’s music.

The band is Smith & Wesley, and their debut album is Choices & Chances. What used to be The Brody Johnson band is now Smith & Wesley, Scott and Todd Smith, brothers. The name “Wesley” comes from their dad who recently passed away. Regardless of the name, the band has a quality package of music for the young and old, a fitting tribute to their dad.

Choices & Chances is an album based upon decisions and the consequences that follow. As Todd Smith said, “Whether it is betrayal, bad habits,” or “love and reflection,” “life would be boring without both Choices & Chances.”

Smith & Wesley opens with “Thirty Pieces,” a southern rock piece based on violations of trust, backstabbing, and discovering real friends. But later, the band moves into a traditional country song, “Bottle Half Full.” I love the changes in tempo as the song moves back and forth from traditional country to a Texas Blues melody. “You’re the One” is another piece, beautifully written as we find the perfect soulmate. “Country Dreams” is another well-done number with the added help of Danny Shirley, front man for Confederate Railroad. It fits as the band’s last track.

Giving full attention to Choices & Chances moves from disparity and anguish, to love and aspirations. The album captures life as many lose faith but with expectations of happiness in succession. The lyrics are exceptional as the music moves you to dance. It’s an album I highly recommend. I’m JR Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Smith & Wesley making Choices & Chances.



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