Corinne West, “Starlight Highway”


In the midst of the noise and distractions, along comes the peaceful sound of Corinne West. Her music is to say the least, thought provoking. The words are deep but understandable as listeners relate. Corinne sings from the heart as she touches your heart. Her voice resonates, as we have the pleasure listening to her latest album, Starlight Highway.

Corinne’s album offers so much to so many. As she said, Starlight Highway “communicates a personal emotive glimpse of what we all experience in our own way.” “This is an intimate record, and covers a lot of territory.”

As you listen to Starlight Highway, her lyrics are beautiful. Corinne’s opener, “Trouble no more,” is a message uplifting singing, “Ambers burning on the right side of the track, lean back, lean back, trouble no more.”

The music in this album leans toward a tranquil feeling as well. The mandolin in several numbers puts me in a restful mood. Starlight Highway reminds me of a 60’s Peter, Paul, and Mary sound. I love the catchy tune, “Give Our Ships Away” as the song takes us home to our love. The tempo is much slower, but Corinne’s song reminds me of the Mary Travers tune, “There is a ship.” “Starlight Highway” is another favorite that takes us to the one we love, once more.

If you enjoy a folk bluegrass sound, put Starlight Highway on your list to buy. Corinne West gives us so much within each track. She is an artist full of creativity with music that inspires.

As Corinne said, “It’s amazing how when music is tight…it all becomes beautifully loose.” Corinne should know, she produced the entire album. I’m JR Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Corinne West on a “Starlight Highway.”









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