Eric Sardinas & Big Motor, “Boomerang”


Bob Dylan recently said that “real” rock n’ roll died in 1962. But, one recording artist did not get the memo. His name is Eric Sardinas, and he has a new album out. The album is Boomerang, and it will get your heart pounding. Along with his Dobro electric resonator and his band, Big Motor, (Levell Price and Bryan Keeling) has embarked on a bluesrock n’ roll journey that many would envy. Mixing delta blues with rock n’ roll, Boomerang is Eric’s sixth album and the first on Jazzhaus Records.


His bio is impressive. Eric has shared the stage with Johnny Winter and showcased his talents on the Hey Bo Diddley-A Tribute album as a featured artist. But success has its price as Eric broke his foot during one performance, received third degree burns while performing Pyro antics, and breaking his hand on another occasion. Hope Eric has good insurance. Regardless of the injuries, it hasn’t kept Eric from performing. In pain and playing he said, “It’s all about the music brother.” Boomerang is “all about” the music as Eric & Big Motor “brings the house down” while on tour in the U.S.


Boomerang opens with “Run Devil Run,” a quiet and melodic delta blues intro using his Dobro, then blasts you in the face with hard hitting rock n’ roll. I love the background vocals on this number. Many producers put little thought into the backup. But Matt Gruber, producer, matches the voices perfect with this tract. “Boomerang,” the second tract, picks up where “Run Devil Run” leaves off with “good ole foot stompin” music. But the hits keep coming on the third tract “Tell Me You’re Mine.” There is so much energy and intensity in these numbers. I’d love to hear these tracts performed live. “Morning Glory,” is another nicely done piece that features the Dobro again, but “unplugged.” Eric kicks in gear with a traditional blues number “Bad Boy Blues,” featuring an awesome guitar solo from Eric. He does the blues so well.


Eric covers two numbers in Boomerang, “Trouble” and Howling Wolf’s “How Many More Years.” Both are great with “Trouble” taking a fast and different route toward the end while “How Many More Years” is plain excellent. The last tract, “Heavy Loaded” is my favorite playing the love of my life, I-IV-V-I “eight to the bar.” It’s hard to write this without laughing. But, the kazoos mixed in the arrangement are incredible and fits in the number spot on. I love it, but I’m still laughing.


Boomerang is mix of delta blues while fusing with rock n’ roll. Its part blues, part rock n’ roll, equaling total success. Eric states, “I want to bring straight rock n’ roll and blues together and mix them up into my own thing.” Noticing the number of hits on YouTube, over 90,000, its obvious Eric Sardinas and The Motor have a following. I have a hunch his fans will love this album as it equals or surpasses past projects. Eric dedicated this album to his good friend Johnny Winter who passed away recently. “Dobro” is a Slavic term that translates to “good.” If Johnny were alive I’m sure he’d say that Boomerang is strong, solid, and “Dobro.”


This is JR Miller with High Note Reviews and this is Eric Sardinas and Big Motor throwing a Boomerang.


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