Arrica Rose & The …’S, Wavefunction


The road of life has many detours. For Arrica Rose, her life comprises juggling friends and family, maintaining a long distance relationship, and living in two cities. For this accomplished singer/songwriter, her experiences produced songs from the highs and lows of her life. Out of the chaos, Arrica Rose & the …’S, has put together Wavefunction, orchestrated album that reflects more variety while light on motif.

As Arrica stated, Wavefunction is “choose your own adventure kind of album.” An album of “adventure,” Wavefunction’s “stand alone tracks” will gives a message of “possibilities.”

Arrica’s Wavefunction opens an up-tempo number, “Sign in Your Head.” It’s a songwriter’s piece that urges freedom of expression, shun past failures, and control of destiny. “Trouble in the heart, trouble in the head. The sweet control of letting go.” Arrica’s solution-just let go-sounds simple, but difficult for many to do.

The second track, “Love You Like That,” is a different approach from the opener that offers a “rock” drive to it. As Wavefunction continues through “different occasions,” Arrica provides excellent music and lyrics with “California on Repeat.” This number reminds me of a Petula Clark number, with subtle horns that finish the tune.

“In Dreams,” is a 60’s tune that offers a hit maker Roy Orbison would have loved to cover. The Duane Eddy guitar toward the finale is appropriate. This piece is Arrica’s best. Her voice delivers much emotion, with melancholy sensations as she sings of a lost love. “Safety Pin” continues the relationship theme as the song describes a relationship held together by a thread. The “Safety Pin” keeps her safe.

Many in our world have obsessions wanting emotional bonds with others as their drug of choice. “Cut it out” treats the mania taking the “bond” and moves it to a “cancerous bondage.” “Cut it out” has a message, remove the tumor. I love the line, “I’m jealous of the scar above your hip.” “Wish I was something as permanent. Someone could write a book on the subject.

As Arrica closes with, “(Oh the Day) Then the Night” is a sequel to track 5, the same title. This piece is a deftly produced piece much better than the earlier version. Arrica takes listeners into the hopes and dreams of the night as they thwart in the break of daylight. “(Oh the Day) Then the Night” delineates reality messages.

Arrica has had her share of favorable press after releasing her last album, Let Alone Sea, as it landed on many “best lists” throughout the business. It provided a springboard to future projects such as Wavefunction. Produced by Daniel Garcia, has worked with top acts including Boz Scaggs and Christina Aguilera. Producing Wavefunction, he helped Arrica capture the extreme moods within the album as she takes listeners to the highs and lows of life.  Arrica has something that should continue with adulatory acclaim. As a bonus, Wavefunction also exists on vinyl.

This is Arrica Rose & the …’S, and she’s experienced Wavefunction.


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