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Amanda Thorpe   “Bewitching Me”

image When you hear music such as “Brother Can You Spare a Dime,” “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” or “I Like the Likes of You,” what is the common denominator? The answer is Edgar “Yip” Harburg. One of the best singer/lyricists of the 20th century, Yip lived an unbelievable journey where he helped write the best in American music. Remember The Wizard of Oz?  Yip wrote the song lyrics.

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Album Review: Davina & The Vagabonds’ Sunshine


Would you like to go to a concert and listen to the music of Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong, the singing of Billie Holiday, and the musical style of Tom Waits all wrapped up in one nicely made package? If so, this is your lucky day listening to the superb music of Davina & The Vagabonds (DATV). Continue reading Album Review: Davina & The Vagabonds’ Sunshine

Album Review: David Olney’s When The Deal Goes Down


After covering various reviews, where do you start when writing about a seasoned singer/songwriter who has had his music covered by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, made an appearance on Austin City Limits, and even wrote a love song about the iceberg crashing into the Titanic “from the icebergs point of view”? Yes, he really wrote that. Regardless, it’s simple. You wait until David Olney “deals you the ace of spades” with his newest album, When The Deal Goes Down. Continue reading Album Review: David Olney’s When The Deal Goes Down

Album Review: Kelley Hunt’s, “The Beautiful Bones”

Not often does a recording artist release an album that is quite unique taking listeners on a journey, through the good and bad times and letting people take a look at themselves instead of judging others or even themselves. This is Kelley Hunt, with her sixth album entitled The Beautiful Bones. Continue reading Album Review: Kelley Hunt’s, “The Beautiful Bones”

Album Review: Black Sabbath’s “13”


Sunday, January 27th was as normal a day as any, but as most who have had anything to do with music knew, it was Grammy Award night. While watching the show, it was noted that Black Sabbath had been nominated and won a Grammy for Best Heavy Metal Performance for the song, “God is Dead?” Knowing that Black Sabbath had reorganized with the original members I really did not give it much thought except for, “I guess Black Sabbath is at it again.” Having seen them in concert in the early 70’s, the only thought that came in my head was the memory of the loudest music I had ever heard in my life, and as a young teenager, antics from the audience that I was not quite ready for. The idea of someone biting the head off a bat was not so bad compared to how uncontrollable many were in attendance. It was definitely two shows I will never forget, one being the band’s and the other the audience’s. A footnote to the bat incident, I read the bat had its day in court, biting Ozzy first, forcing him to get rabies shots. “Oh well, that’s show biz.” Continue reading Album Review: Black Sabbath’s “13”

Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”


A few weeks ago, a new single was released for country music fans named “Milkman’s Eyes.” Written and performed by newcomer Bobby Cyrus, this crazy simple song does nothing but cook, especially the lyrics.

This guy really knows how to write. I love the the line, “someone else’s wood mixed in our wood pile and you like to stoke the fire after I leave.”  As I listen to it, I cant help but think about Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.” The two songs are definitely in the same genre, whatever that may be. Continue reading Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”