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Album Review: Karen Haglof’s “Western Holiday”

“If you think you want to do something, you better do it now.” That statement came from a hematologist/oncologist by the name of Karen Haglof. She is also a talented singer/songwriter who recorded her first solo album, Western Holiday. Continue reading Album Review: Karen Haglof’s “Western Holiday”

Album Review: Dulcie Taylor’s “Only Worn One Time”


When writing reviews, I usually go through a pretty set routine as I write about various people and their work. However, every now and then something happens as I research, watch and most importantly listen as I write about their work. So it goes with this singer/songwriter. It has been a long time since I have heard words and music coming out of someone like I have heard here. She is a poet, storyteller, and a gifted musician, as she seems to have fused together a contemporary folk mix along with an Appalachian sound with her dulcimer at her side. How her notoriety has slipped by me I honestly cannot explain. I guess I don’t get out much. Her accomplishments are many including being listed by Soundstage as “Best Recordings of the Year.” Her last CD, released in 2012, climbed to number one to become Amazon’s “Top-Rated Americana Album.” Her songwriting, as beautiful as it is, also won her “First Place Best Songwriter” in 2013 from the New Times Music Awards. Oh yes, she has won a WAMMIE (Washington, DC Area Music Award) as “Best Contemporary Folk Recording” to boot. Her name is Dulcie Taylor and her new album will certainly light up the airwaves. The new CD, Only Worn One Time will be released on July 8, 2014. This is one singer/songwriter that has something very special inside her. Continue reading Album Review: Dulcie Taylor’s “Only Worn One Time”

Carrie Zaruba “Woman on a Mission”

Back a few years ago, a Baltimore native just finished school at Philadelphia’s finest, The University of the Arts.  From there she decided to move to Nashville with a desire to play country music with the big boys and girls. She had her parents’ blessing and was well educated in various genres, such as jazz and classical music. She also teamed up with one of the best producers in Nashville, Kent Wells. She was spotlighted in CMA’s “Debut Artist Spotlight.” She is what she is, a woman on a mission. Her new song that was just released is appropriately called, “Woman On A Mission.” No doubt, this very good singer, Carrie Zaruba, is on her way to the top. Continue reading Carrie Zaruba “Woman on a Mission”

Single Review – Parmalee’s “Carolina”


How do you top a #1 hit single on SirusXM for 4 consecutive weeks?  It’s easy.  Just release a very well written sentimental piece called “Carolina”.  That is exactly what this new country rock band did back in February of 2013. They are called Parmalee, and I promise you, this is a band you are going to hear a lot about in the coming months.   Continue reading Single Review – Parmalee’s “Carolina”

Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”


A few weeks ago, a new single was released for country music fans named “Milkman’s Eyes.” Written and performed by newcomer Bobby Cyrus, this crazy simple song does nothing but cook, especially the lyrics.

This guy really knows how to write. I love the the line, “someone else’s wood mixed in our wood pile and you like to stoke the fire after I leave.”  As I listen to it, I cant help but think about Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.” The two songs are definitely in the same genre, whatever that may be. Continue reading Single Review – Bobby Cyrus’ “Milkman’s Eyes”