Dulcie Taylor “Better Part Of Me”


In these days the usage of the prefrontal cortex is in limited supply. After listening to Dulcie Taylor’s new release, Better Part of Me, that part of your brain will receive its equal proportion. Reviewing several of Dulcie’s albums in the past, she constantly amazes me with something unique. Better Part of Me raises her limits.

Dulcie opens with a cool Mississippi Delta tune, “Used to Know it All.” This fully composed piece could play before any audience. “I DO,” an ageless piece, should have coverage at many weddings. The lyrics are appealing and inviting. But it’s “Halfway to Jesus” that shakes up matters. Awards are created for this song. Dulcie says a good deal in this four-minute track.  Her last track and album name,  “Better Part of Me” became the Better Part Of Me. Enough said.

It can be challenging when reviewing numerous pieces of an artist’s work. It’s natural for the writer to be mundane and repetitive, or even the artist can grow stagnant in their work. Dulcie Taylor’s Better Part of Me is everything but dull. Her tenacity pays off as she and George Nauful produced an album that is stimulating, ingenious, and in many tracks timeless. I’m J.R. Joseph Miller, and this is Dulcie Taylor following the Better Part of Me.






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  1. Well said, J.R. Joseph Miller. “Watch Me Hurt” was the first track to grab me. And what are the odds that could be another slide guitar genius with name Landreth (Joey)?

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