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Album Review: Richard X. Heyman’s “X”


When writing about Richard X. Heyman, it is very hard to know where to begin.  He has gone from forming a New Jersey garage band, The Doughboys, in the 60’s, to covering songs from The Stones, Kinks, and Yardbirds, to recording many nicely done albums, and even come full circle in 2000 reorganizing The Doughboys. Being influenced by such greats as The Beatles, The Byrds, and Richard Rogers, Richard’s career spans over five decades of astounding music. As one listens to some of his earlier tracks such as “Vacation” (1980), to “Falling Away” (1991) and “Cornerstone” (1998), one can notice a common denominator; Richard’s earlier work appears to be timeless pieces waiting to be heard by the next generation.

Which brings us to Richard’s newest album recently release, titled X.  Continue reading Album Review: Richard X. Heyman’s “X”