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Album Review – The Bongos “Phantom Train”

On October 1, 2013, something unique is about to happen. After over 20 years of going their separate ways, The Bongos have reunited once again as major artists touring throughout the U.S. However, back in 87 when the band decided to go their separate ways, there was some unfinished business that needed tending to.

With a series of tracks recorded back in the mid 80s, The Bongos have decided to resurrect their last album comprised of selected tracks called, Phantom Train. Clearly the New Jersey band of the New Wave, or should I say “No Wave” era, definitely made their mark on the music scene in the 1980s.  Headed up by front man Richard Barone, The Bongos are also made up of Rob Norris, Frank Giannini, and James Mastro as they made their mark with a “British flavored” sound producing such albums  as Drums Along The Hudson, and Numbers With Wings. Continue reading Album Review – The Bongos “Phantom Train”