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Lo Carmen, “Lovers Dreamers Fighters”

Most have heard of the expression, The Apple Don’t Fall Far From The Tree.  In 2013, a certain artist moved that expression to an album title releasing a collaborative work with her dad, Peter Head. Fast-forward to 2017, she has released her sixth album while coming up with a most creative idea, mixing lyrical personifications with melodies. Continue reading Lo Carmen, “Lovers Dreamers Fighters”

Eric Dahl at Fox 17’s Rock & Review Interviews Markey Blue

What a day for Markey Blue!

It was a great day for Markey Blue as Eric Dahl of Fox 17 interviewed the blues duo promoting their new album, The Blues are Knockin. 

The last few months have been incredible for the band with their new release climbing to #6 on the Roots Music Report Contemporary Blues Album Chart, having one track from the album played on Season 2 of Fox Network’s Wayward Pines, and getting their own Pandora Radio channel.

When Markey and Ric Latina think it can’t get any better, it gets better and better once again.

Check out the band’s website for the latest up to date info, news, and calendar.


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Album Review: Dulcie Taylor’s “Only Worn One Time”


When writing reviews, I usually go through a pretty set routine as I write about various people and their work. However, every now and then something happens as I research, watch and most importantly listen as I write about their work. So it goes with this singer/songwriter. It has been a long time since I have heard words and music coming out of someone like I have heard here. She is a poet, storyteller, and a gifted musician, as she seems to have fused together a contemporary folk mix along with an Appalachian sound with her dulcimer at her side. How her notoriety has slipped by me I honestly cannot explain. I guess I don’t get out much. Her accomplishments are many including being listed by Soundstage as “Best Recordings of the Year.” Her last CD, released in 2012, climbed to number one to become Amazon’s “Top-Rated Americana Album.” Her songwriting, as beautiful as it is, also won her “First Place Best Songwriter” in 2013 from the New Times Music Awards. Oh yes, she has won a WAMMIE (Washington, DC Area Music Award) as “Best Contemporary Folk Recording” to boot. Her name is Dulcie Taylor and her new album will certainly light up the airwaves. The new CD, Only Worn One Time will be released on July 8, 2014. This is one singer/songwriter that has something very special inside her. Continue reading Album Review: Dulcie Taylor’s “Only Worn One Time”