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Arrica Rose & The …’S, Wavefunction


The road of life has many detours. For Arrica Rose, her life comprises juggling friends and family, maintaining a long distance relationship, and living in two cities. For this accomplished singer/songwriter, her experiences produced songs from the highs and lows of her life. Out of the chaos, Arrica Rose & the …’S, has put together Wavefunction, orchestrated album that reflects more variety while light on motif. Continue reading Arrica Rose & The …’S, Wavefunction

Album Review: Kelley Hunt’s, “The Beautiful Bones”

Not often does a recording artist release an album that is quite unique taking listeners on a journey, through the good and bad times and letting people take a look at themselves instead of judging others or even themselves. This is Kelley Hunt, with her sixth album entitled The Beautiful Bones. Continue reading Album Review: Kelley Hunt’s, “The Beautiful Bones”