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Album Review: Mark T. Small’s ‘Smokin’ Blues’


Growing up in a home with a mother who played piano had its benefits. For one thing, she was very good. I will always have fond memories of her, me five years old sitting next to the piano as she played. It was pretty cool, and whenever she played I would always ask her to play some good ole boogie-woogie. Of course, she would always accommodate me. It was simply her and the piano. That’s all that was needed, which brings me to Mark T. Small.

When listening to Mark T. Small’s new album Smokin’ Blues, it brings me back to those days as a kid with mom. Listening to his newest album I can just imagine some voices in the background saying, “Hey Mark, play ‘Step It Up And Go!’, play ‘Step It Up And Go’!” I have the feeling Mark would be the type of guy who would never say no. Continue reading Album Review: Mark T. Small’s ‘Smokin’ Blues’