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Randy Howard, “A Pair of Knees”


Webster defines tragedy as a “serious drama describing a conflict between the protagonist and a superior force such as destiny with sorrowful conclusions.” Lately, it seems so much tragedy has happened to so many from hurricanes to mass shootings. Strangely, tragedies can sometimes bring out the best in us. Continue reading Randy Howard, “A Pair of Knees”

Arrica Rose & The …’S, Wavefunction


The road of life has many detours. For Arrica Rose, her life comprises juggling friends and family, maintaining a long distance relationship, and living in two cities. For this accomplished singer/songwriter, her experiences produced songs from the highs and lows of her life. Out of the chaos, Arrica Rose & the …’S, has put together Wavefunction, orchestrated album that reflects more variety while light on motif. Continue reading Arrica Rose & The …’S, Wavefunction