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Album Review: Ruthann Friedman’s, Chinatown

To say that Ruthann Friedman has lived a full life would be an understatement. She was born exactly 30 days after D-Day in WWII. She spent a great deal of time in her childhood singing, hoping, and wishing for fame and fortune. At the age of sixteen, she began performing at West Hollywood’s Troubadour on Hoot Nights, a place and time for new singers/songwriters to get some exposure. In the early years she associated with some of the biggest names in music. She did some work with Country Joe & The Fish, lived with members of Jefferson Airplane, and hung out with Janis Joplin enjoying the pleasures of Southern Comfort. Ruthann’s life began changing after being introduced to a group of guys called The Association. It was in 1967 that her life took a dramatic turn. While living in the house of David Crosby, she wrote a song called “Windy”. This nearly three minute long song not only changed her life, but also continued to shape it for years to come. Continue reading Album Review: Ruthann Friedman’s, Chinatown