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Bourdon Street; Ronnie Baker Brooks & Crystal Shawanda

11136660_1031256490237525_7228954859004684754_nitem-album-doand-cdGot Baptized tonight at the Bourdon Street Blues and Boogie Bar. Two fantastic acts, Ronnie Baker Brooks with special guest Lee Roy Parnell. Baker and his band were spot on amazing. Loved the horns and sax. Never seen someone play two saxophones at the same time. Ronnie Baker was sublime on guitar, Lee Roy was an added treat, and the keyboard player was off the chart on one piece.

Second act was just as amazing, Crystal Shawanda, Native American blues artist. Covering “I’d Rather Go Blind” was one of my favorites. Toward the end of her set, she dived into “Piece of My Heart.” She had me hook, line, and sinker. Crystal had a special guest playing sax, Dana Robbins,  who is incredible! If you are in the Nashville area, she is appearing again Friday night April 10 at Bourbon Street Blues. Crystal is an act you don’t want to miss.

Eric Sardinas & Big Motor, “Boomerang”


Bob Dylan recently said that “real” rock n’ roll died in 1962. But, one recording artist did not get the memo. His name is Eric Sardinas, and he has a new album out. The album is Boomerang, and it will get your heart pounding. Along with his Dobro electric resonator and his band, Big Motor, (Levell Price and Bryan Keeling) has embarked on a bluesrock n’ roll journey that many would envy. Mixing delta blues with rock n’ roll, Boomerang is Eric’s sixth album and the first on Jazzhaus Records. Continue reading Eric Sardinas & Big Motor, “Boomerang”

Album Review: The Duke Robillard Band’s “Calling All Blues”


When writing reviews pertinent to various blues bands, I often wonder how one band can surpass the preceding band. However, The Duke Robillard Band is an exemplary that accomplishes the task. Releasing his newest album, Calling All Blues, Duke Robillard has put together an album that is eclectic comprising many genres of the blues. Continue reading Album Review: The Duke Robillard Band’s “Calling All Blues”

Album Review: Karen Haglof’s “Western Holiday”

“If you think you want to do something, you better do it now.” That statement came from a hematologist/oncologist by the name of Karen Haglof. She is also a talented singer/songwriter who recorded her first solo album, Western Holiday. Continue reading Album Review: Karen Haglof’s “Western Holiday”

Album Review: EG Kight’s, “A New Day”


Buddy Guy once said, “If you don’t think you got the blues, just keep living”. For one lady, she had the blues while she battled a major illness. For EG Kight, she will “just keep living”. After recovering from a major illness and getting another turn, she is back singing the blues. Continue reading Album Review: EG Kight’s, “A New Day”

Album Review: Daunielle Hill’s, “Daunielle”


It’s not often one comes across a singer/songwriter who has the voice of a veteran, songwriting that can be compared to many, and an air of confidence, as she sends many “letters” to her new found fans. This is what this “lady sings the blues,” artist has in her debut album titled Daunielle. Continue reading Album Review: Daunielle Hill’s, “Daunielle”

Album Review: Mark T. Small’s ‘Smokin’ Blues’


Growing up in a home with a mother who played piano had its benefits. For one thing, she was very good. I will always have fond memories of her, me five years old sitting next to the piano as she played. It was pretty cool, and whenever she played I would always ask her to play some good ole boogie-woogie. Of course, she would always accommodate me. It was simply her and the piano. That’s all that was needed, which brings me to Mark T. Small.

When listening to Mark T. Small’s new album Smokin’ Blues, it brings me back to those days as a kid with mom. Listening to his newest album I can just imagine some voices in the background saying, “Hey Mark, play ‘Step It Up And Go!’, play ‘Step It Up And Go’!” I have the feeling Mark would be the type of guy who would never say no. Continue reading Album Review: Mark T. Small’s ‘Smokin’ Blues’