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Album Reviews – The Swimming Pool Qs, “The A&M Years”

1981, as many will remember, was a extraordinary year that Americans will never forget. ”Frankenstein” the Broadway musical,  opened and closed in eight weeks, Rita Jenrette, wife of congressman John Jenrette, posed nude in Playboy magazine, and The New York Times published the longest sentence in history, 1286 words. Oh yes, there was one more event of 81.  “The Swimming Qs,” the New Wave Atlanta based band, released their first full-length album, “The Deep End.”  By far the release of “The Deep End” had a tremendous  impact on societies, changing so many lives, tearing down the Berlin Wall, and ending Communism as we knew it.  OK, maybe I’m stretching it a bit.  However, The Swimming Pool Qs album,  ”The Deep End” was a cool collection of New Wave Pop Rock music.  In fact, Lou Reed liked the album so much he invited The Swimming Pool Qs to tour with him in 84.  Seriously, that really happened. Continue reading Album Reviews – The Swimming Pool Qs, “The A&M Years”

Single Review – Parmalee’s “Carolina”


How do you top a #1 hit single on SirusXM for 4 consecutive weeks?  It’s easy.  Just release a very well written sentimental piece called “Carolina”.  That is exactly what this new country rock band did back in February of 2013. They are called Parmalee, and I promise you, this is a band you are going to hear a lot about in the coming months.   Continue reading Single Review – Parmalee’s “Carolina”