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Album Review: Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls, “Soul Brothers”


What do you have when mixing two R&B singer/songwriters: one a winner of The Living Blues Magazine “Southern Soul Album of the Year”, the other a right in the Blues Music Hall of Fame, and both with a history in gospel music? The answer is Johnny Rawls and Otis Clay joining to create their new album, Soul BrothersContinue reading Album Review: Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls, “Soul Brothers”

Album Review: The Duke Robillard Band’s “Calling All Blues”


When writing reviews pertinent to various blues bands, I often wonder how one band can surpass the preceding band. However, The Duke Robillard Band is an exemplary that accomplishes the task. Releasing his newest album, Calling All Blues, Duke Robillard has put together an album that is eclectic comprising many genres of the blues. Continue reading Album Review: The Duke Robillard Band’s “Calling All Blues”

Album Review: Karen Haglof’s “Western Holiday”

“If you think you want to do something, you better do it now.” That statement came from a hematologist/oncologist by the name of Karen Haglof. She is also a talented singer/songwriter who recorded her first solo album, Western Holiday. Continue reading Album Review: Karen Haglof’s “Western Holiday”

Album Review – The Emperors of Wyoming

Has anyone ever heard of The Emperors of Wyoming? If you haven’t, then you will very soon. This is a very unique band made up of four very talented musicians who decided to get together and record an album that was very special, very country, and very rock. This is The Emperors of Wyoming and they have produced something that many will want to hear over and over. Continue reading Album Review – The Emperors of Wyoming

Album Review: Daunielle Hill’s, “Daunielle”


It’s not often one comes across a singer/songwriter who has the voice of a veteran, songwriting that can be compared to many, and an air of confidence, as she sends many “letters” to her new found fans. This is what this “lady sings the blues,” artist has in her debut album titled Daunielle. Continue reading Album Review: Daunielle Hill’s, “Daunielle”

Album Review: Richard X. Heyman’s “X”


When writing about Richard X. Heyman, it is very hard to know where to begin.  He has gone from forming a New Jersey garage band, The Doughboys, in the 60’s, to covering songs from The Stones, Kinks, and Yardbirds, to recording many nicely done albums, and even come full circle in 2000 reorganizing The Doughboys. Being influenced by such greats as The Beatles, The Byrds, and Richard Rogers, Richard’s career spans over five decades of astounding music. As one listens to some of his earlier tracks such as “Vacation” (1980), to “Falling Away” (1991) and “Cornerstone” (1998), one can notice a common denominator; Richard’s earlier work appears to be timeless pieces waiting to be heard by the next generation.

Which brings us to Richard’s newest album recently release, titled X.  Continue reading Album Review: Richard X. Heyman’s “X”