John J. Kennedy, “There And Back”


Everyone remembers their first kiss, first time shooting a gun, and the first time driving. For most of us, there were feelings of excitement with trepidation.  We either got it right, or used the event as a challenge to overcome. John J. Kennedy’s first release, There and Back, has something memorable and notable, but also something to raise his bar. He will emerge and snowball with time.

John opens with “In the U.S.A.” a song that celebrates America. The next track, “What Would I Do,” a piece that’s poignant. I love that this tune is based on John’s grandfather serving in WWII.  I would have named this piece, “Standin in His Boots.” Certainly, the song has legs. “Alright” is fitting for the summer with a kick-ass southern country rock style. In track eight, John reflects on the twelve steps with “Eleven More To Go.” He’s “battling the bottle and losing the war.” His last piece is my favorite, “To Find My Way to Heaven.” The mandolin is nicely done, and I like the metaphor regarding “Heaven.”

Remembering our first times produces many emotions. For John J. Kennedy’s There and Back, it should create sentiments of accomplishments. As he develops and evolves, I’ll be interested to hear his future endeavors. He has the makings of a flawless singer/songwriter. I’m J.R. Joseph Miller, and this is John J. Kennedy being There and Back.











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