Shift Seven, “III”

What is a triad? Google offers one definition, stating it’s “a chord of three musical notes consisting of a given note with a third and fifth above it.” For three talented musicians based in PA, their triad became meticulous. Organized in the late 90’s, this band wanted to be more than just a groovy cover band. After listening to their 3rd new release in the last ten years, the evidence is compelling. The name of this triad troop is Shift Seven, and their new release III is filled with good “ole fashion” foot-stomping music. If you miss the days of hard rock, Shift Seven is your band.

Releasing an EP instead of a LP, Shift Seven reveals their talent in quality instead of quantity. They open with a cool piece, “Black as Coal.” This melody is filled with rock/jazz fusion, especially coming from the percussionist. Showing their versatility, “Jonestown Gone” is a favorite of mine, blending rock with a country flavor. The keyboard mixing with the harmonica fits for this progressive rock piece. “Love Is a Crime,” another hard driving track has a mission, making you move. Shift Seven finishes with a notable instrumental tune that features each member in “Media Man.”

Terry Gayhart, Keith Myers, and Rick Boltz make up the nucleus of Shift Seven. III provides a blend of the blues, rock, and jazz. Being bandmates for twenty years, it’s apparent that these three musicians display an electrical connection with each other. If you are a lover of Yes, early Chicago, or Grand Funk Railroad, you will savor this kick-ass band. I’m J.R. Joseph Miller, and this is Shift Seven “playing with III strings.”




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