Ginger St. James, “One For The Money”

Ginger St. James

Back in the 1960s American music saw something so surprising, the British invasion. With The Beatles leading the way, many acts, good, and not so good, poured into the United States. Then in the 1980s it happened again with acts such as Genesis and The Police giving America remarkable music.

Lately, I’ve had a barrage of acts coming across my desk from our northern neighbor, Canada. One such country artist, with her roots in Ontario, is making an impact on country music.

Her name is Ginger St. James, and speaking of country music, I have to use that genre loosely. For Ginger, she has many definitions with her style of country music. She is eclectic as any singer/songwriter can be, mixing rockabilly, blues, and even a little jazz flavor. With her new album, One For The Money, Ginger gives listeners an education with her country music.

Ginger’s opening track is a snappy traditional country piece, “Pour Me.” Her songwriting is spot on, and features an engaging steel guitar in the background. I love her third track, “Honeymoon Stage,” with its 60s style melody. I can hear pop artist Connie Francis covering this tune. “Slim’s Jig” rips into a cool instrumental rockabilly piece, another favorite of mine, reminding me of my younger years in music. “Hair of the Blackdog,” is nothing but a good old fashion rock & roll piece with a taste of “The Possum.”

From beginning to end, One More For The Money demonstrates Ginger’s love for country music. This 2015 Hamilton Award female vocalist recipient will give her fans “grand plaisir.” Her genius in country music will attract lovers of many genres. Ginger is a keeper on my  iPhone. I’m J.R. Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Ginger St. James singing One More For The Money.

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