Voo Davis, “Midnight Mist”


In the last few years, there has been an ongoing debate with recording studios. Some want to use computers while others want to rely on analog. If you favor computers, don’t bring Voo Davis into the debate. Producing his third album since 2012, Voo believes in analog and emotion over computers and effect any day. Apparently, Voo Davis is doing something right. His YouTube video, “Riverside Blues,” is getting close to 150,000 hits. It looks as if Voo’s new album, Midnight Mist, is working its way up to another hit for this multi-genre musician.

Voo opens with a great southern rock piece, “When I Get Back To You.” I love the organ on this hard driving number. It’s a great opener that has you moving in the right direction.

Moving through the tracks, “Low Hangin Fruit,” is another keeper. His delta acoustic slide and harmonica stand out as both compliment the vocals. Charlie Musselwhite would appreciate the harmonica.

Then Voo drifts into the track, “Howling out Your Name.” Listening to the intro, I wasn’t sure where this song would take me. First time I listen, I wasn’t sure about it. But listening a second time, I got it, and loved it. Think of “Howling out Your name” as a slow-paced country Led Zeppelin piece. This is my best description.

“Void” is another cool piece that takes us back to Tom Waits.

Midnight Mist finishes with, “You Wanna Know Why,” which in many ways sounds as a sequel to “When I Get Back to You.” This track has a “kick in the pants” feel with an awesome guitar solo. As I listen to the lyrics, “Now I’m walking away, and I can’t go back again,” I want to change the song title to “You Wanna Know Why I Won’t Get Back to You.” It’s just a thought.

Track per track, Midnight Mist is an excellent album. It’s difficult to pin Voo Davis down as to his music genre. Maybe that is one of his strengths keeping us guessing what’s up next. Bottom line, if you like country, rock, and the blues, this album is for you. I’m JR Miller with High Note Reviews, and this is Voo Davis playing his Midnight Mist.

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